Uvu Work From Home Agreement

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Kaltura`s technology trio Canvas, Microsoft Team and La Capture de lecture form the backbone of a virtual campus along with UVU`s physical campus. Over the summer, dozens of Information Technology (IT) and Academic Informatics (AIT) employees worked tirelessly to add 327 classrooms to live streaming and course recording technology. The goal was to create the best possible experience for students and teachers, while a) maintaining social distancing in physical classrooms, b) engaging students remotely, and c) implementing what was feasible given time, financial, human and other constraints. For reasons of access, alerting and support, it and AIT understood that a videoconferencing tool should be implemented at UVU for the fall of 2020 and beyond to enhance student learning and experience as well as faculty support. Microsoft Team will therefore be the standard for UVUs (not Zoom or Kaltura Live Room), mainly because of its potential for digital transformation of our university. With many additional team functions in the summer and classroom automation, the student learning experience for this fall semester – and we think it has improved a lot – will be very different from what it was in the spring and summer of 2020. Employees who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and do not need to report to work must use time off or telework to work with the permission of the supervisor. Permission to work from home is verified and approved on a case-by-case basis. Supervisors are encouraged to offer part-time workers flexibility in their working hours.

Part-time workers must coordinate hours with their supervisor and, if necessary, develop a plan to rework hours. With the agreement of the supervisor, employees may have the opportunity to work more hours to compensate for missed hours, but may not exceed 123 hours in a calendar month. Does UVU take responsibility if COVID 19 contract employees return to work on campus? Can employees who are able to work from home continue to do so? Working remotely poses unique challenges for our superiors, some of which are very new to many of us. The most important task of a superior with remote employees is to maintain frequent communication. Setting up time recording methods and viewing status updates in projects are very effective and effective management tools to help staff focus on the task and support the task with possible distractions that may arise in remote work. First of all, the success of UVU students and staff will guide all future decisions regarding our work-from-home policy. Does UVU require me to test negative to return to work? 17.06.2020 TWT Response: The UVU autumn schedule has been published and students have started to register before understanding the lingering effects of COVID-19 on teaching. That`s why Academics has worked very hard at all levels to revamp teaching in line with health guidelines.

This reorientation required contributions from faculties and departments as well as an assessment of students` expectations. There has been a series of discussions at the executive level, within departments and with individual collaborators about how we return to campus. PACE anticipates an employee survey at the end of the week. Supervisors have the power to allow the continuation of remote work and/or alternative work plans (if this does not disrupt essential work functions and general conditions). If supervisors are unable to accept the request, staff may contact the Human Resources department to initiate an interactive process to verify possible options (medical documentation is required). If employees can be just as productive from home, will we allow this to continue after the pandemic? COVID 19 testing is 100% covered in the network and outside the network for covered employees….

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