Sublet Tenancy Agreement Bc

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(c) the lessor provides domestic or related services under a written rental agreement and the registration is made for that purpose and in accordance with those conditions; 2 (1) Despite all other orders, but subject to section 4 [to which this Act does not apply], that Act applies to leases, rental units and other real property. It is not reasonable for a lessor to withhold consent for the sole purpose of compelling the new tenant or potential tenant to enter into a new lease with the lessor, which would allow the lessor to claim a higher rent than that set out in the original contract. On the other hand, it may be helpful for the lessor to refuse consent if credit or reference checks indicate that the potential new tenant or subtenant is unlikely to comply with the terms of the lease. It may also be reasonable for a lessor to refuse to accept a proposed short-term sublease if the lessor`s strata Corporation has passed a rent restriction by-law that prohibits short-term tenaning. `tenant of overdevelopment` means a tenant who, after the expiry of the tenant`s lease, continues to live in a rental unit. (3) If the lessor and the lessee have not entered into a new lease by the end date of a fixed-term lease, which does not require the lessee to evacuate the rental unit by that date, the lessor and the lessee shall be deemed to be renewed as a monthly lease on equal terms. (m) the return of trust funds recovered in accordance with point (a) of Article 65(1) [Director`s orders: breach of law, rules or lease agreement], including the determination of the circumstances in which interest is to be paid on the trust funds and the manner in which such interest is to be calculated; (a) the termination of a lease on a date prior to the lease terminates if the termination of the lease is effected in accordance with section 47 [lessor termination: cause], and there are significant differences between subleases and assignments. If you sublease a rental unit, you retain the rights and obligations related to that lease agreement. However, if you assign a rental unit, your rights and obligations are usually transferred to the person to whom you transfer the contract. For more information, see Directive 19 on Directive 19 for residential rents.

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