Eaa Union Agreement

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Monitor your paycheques to make sure contribution deductions stop. Contact the union if deductions last more than a few paychecks after you file your cancellation request. Since it has a financial interest in continuing to deduct dues from your salary, the union may contact you and try to convince you to keep your membership. Your sales interview may contain false and alarmist claims. It is a good idea to try to document the dubious claims of union representatives. Don`t be harassed! If you assert yourself, there is nothing the union can do to avenge you if you unsubscribe. While the terms of the collective agreement continue to govern your employment, the union, as a non-member, may prevent it from participating in internal union affairs, for example.B. participate in trade union meetings or participate in trade union elections, including voting on the ratification of treaties. Unions also often retain specific “member” agreements or discounts that the union has concluded with companies. You can no longer receive the trade union newsletter or other similar publications. It is important to know that the EAA can continue to automatically keep contributions on employees` salaries, even if they have never registered for membership. The best way to ensure that deductions are stopped is to make a written request to the union. Some unions have encouraged employees to sign membership forms in small print that waive their right to resign, except for a short annual period.

If the union claims that you have signed such a form and therefore you cannot cancel the contribution deductions from your salary, request that you have signed such an agreement. This is one of the few cases that results in a judgment against a union for malicious prosecution and retaliation for denunciation. Public employee unions are private organizations that have a minimum of obligations to transmit financial information to members. The IRS requires that unions` 990 tax return be a public document and that these can be found online on sites like this. The EAA reports to employer identification number UN 95-2242773. Therefore, the collective agreement negotiated by the union and your employer will continue to set the terms and conditions of your employment and the union will continue to represent you in the event of claims, contract enforcement, disciplinary assistance or other procedures governed by the collective agreement. . .


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