Derry Fire Collective Bargaining Agreement

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Sick Leave Bank is a voluntary program offered to all regular employees who have completed the trial period. They must complete the corresponding membership application and be accepted to be eligible for the benefit. Membership forms are received at the Human Resources Department or contact your collective agreement. Members donate one sick day per year to the bank. The Bank`s objective is to alleviate the burden on employees suffering from short-term illnesses or non-occupational injuries. Please check the practices of the health insurance bank in your department. The City of Londonderry is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its employment practices on the basis of age, sex, race, colour, marital status, physical or mental disability, religion, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation or other legally protected classification. The mission of the Human Resources Division of the City of Londonderry is to provide advice, expertise and technical assistance to department heads and staff. managing the city`s compensation, social protection, recruitment and classification programs; the management of the City`s collective agreements; promote staff development through guidance, training and performance evaluation; the evolution of the city`s compensation and social benefit budgets; and managing national and federal mandate programs related to personnel. The Human Resources department effectively supports and assists municipal departments in their growth and reorganization to meet the growing service requirements of our community.

It is the practice and intention of the City of Londonderry to provide equal opportunities for all men. This practice prohibits discrimination at all stages of the employment process, including hiring, hiring, social benefits, placement, training, promotion, transfer, remuneration and all other conditions of employment. In addition, the City of Londonderry will take appropriate measures for known qualified persons with disabilities. Leave is available in proportion to periodic part-time pensions which work more than twenty hours per week and which are not seasonal or temporary according to working hours and with the agreement of their head of department. For hours longer than 40 hours per week, there is no vacation. This document describes the rules for participation in the Social Benefits Plan of the City of Manchester. It also contains information to which you are legally entitled as a plan participant and summarizes the rules for eligibility and management of the plan plan. Employees who wish to take the FMLA must apply to the Human Resources Department.

Employees on FMLA leave must first receive the full paid leave before obtaining unpaid status for the remaining period.. . . .

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