Confidentiality Clause Settlement Agreement Template

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Mitchel promises and agrees that, unless it is bound by legal proceedings, it will in other circumstances remain confidential the fact and the established terms of this settlement agreement, including the amounts mentioned in this agreement, with the exception of the transmission of such information to its spouse and lawyers. Accountants and all other professional advisors to whom disclosure of information is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which Mitchel consulted these consultants. Mitchel expressly agrees and agrees that if it is not bound by legal process, it will not disclose to current or former employees of XYZ the facts or terms of this Transaction Agreement. All transaction agreements must include a clear breakdown of the payments agreed upon by both parties and indicate whether the payment to the employee is to be made tax-free. A party may try to use the basic information of the settlement agreement during negotiations, although the information contained in the agreement does not give a complete picture of the case. A settlement agreement, also known as a transactional NDA, is a legally binding contract between the employer and a worker that regulates the rights the worker may have against his employer against discretionary severance pay. . . .

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