Collaborative Agreement Cincinnati

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Is the nearly two-year-old effort to refresh the 2002 Cincinnati cooperation agreement still working? It depends on who you ask. April 2007: the Memorandum of Understanding between the city and the Ministry of Justice ends; However, the City has agreed to an additional year of follow-up on problem-solving efforts. Rand Corporation was selected by the parties to the agreement to conduct a five-year data analysis to measure efforts to achieve the goal of better cooperation between police and the community. With regard to the riots and boycotts and the subsequent Ministry of Justice investigation, two agreements were reached: one with the Ministry of Justice asked the city to reform its policy and practice on the use of force; And the other, the cooperation agreement, was historically recognized by community members as partners in the fight against crime and not as people who should be seen as potential criminals. June 2017: The city voluntarily committed to update the cooperation agreement. The refresh focused on three areas: bias-free police work and accountability of public servants, mutual accountability of all parties, and the problem-oriented community policing strategy. The City engaged former federal court monitor Saul Green to help review and update the collaboration. Gerhardstein warns of the need for constant attention to the agreement. January 2007: Launch of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) – an inter-authority and community cooperation aimed at rapidly and dramatically reducing gun violence and related homicides. The CIRV approach is to work on positive group pressure, gang identification and outreach employees, all in the Urban League.

The agreement consists of three main elements. The first component has significantly changed the policy of police use of force, the second has increased transparency on police behaviour in order to allow for greater accountability. The third component, prejudice-free and community-oriented policing, has been implemented to reduce crime and build community confidence. Cincinnatis Collaborative Agreement is 18 years old. The historic police deal was negotiated after Cincinnati police officer Stephen Roach shot timothy Thomas in 2001. Now that the nation is facing unprecedented protests against police brutality and the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other black men and women, will the cooperation agreement play a new role and how will it be formulated against new calls for police defunding? The cooperation agreement – and the progress made in community-police relations since its implementation 18 years ago – is a great point of pride for our city. Recently, questions have been raised about the city`s continued commitment to the cooperation agreement. There is no mistake: the values behind this historic agreement guide everything we do…

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