Catholic Church Position On Prenuptial Agreements

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An exception may be the case of a widow and widower who intend to protect only the natural hereditary right of the children of the first marriage. This is clear if the marriage contract provides for the Ordinance on Property in the Event of Death and not on Divorce. A marriage contract that offers protection in the event of divorce may very well mean the exclusion of the permanence of the marriage and, consequently, the invalidity of conjugal consent from a Catholic point of view. In cases where one party has much more wealth than the other and these assets are protected against the future spouse without a third party benefiting from them (for example. B older parents who have spent their lives building a family business), it is difficult to see how the couple envisions cohabitation, real marriage. The priest or deacon does not think that a marriage contract is acceptable. But I certainly had clients who, if I believed they were being treated cruelly, abused or in an intractable state of misfortune, advised me to go out. And I think it was the right thing to do. Jewish divorce law requires the husband to give birth to his wife and accept a divorce certificate called Get Piturin and commonly known as “Get.” To be valid, a get must be given of its own free will. To participate and ensure the get-out from the beginning, many couples and rabbis have concluded marriage contracts. An agreement can be linked to Ketuba. A “Ketuba” (or Ketubah) is a special Jewish document and is an integral part of a religious Jewish marriage that defines the groom`s responsibility to his fiancée according to the laws of Moses and Israel.

The agreement may contain a clause in which the parties to the marriage recognize the Bet Din (the Jewish house of the court) of the Rabinnical.

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