Azure Enterprise Agreement Architecture

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The following administrator user roles are part of your business registry: Contact your partner to check if they have enabled the pricing feature for you for customers with an indirect record. This can only be done by the partner. Once activated, you can view the cost and price of your registration as an enterprise administrator. The Azure portal is also used today for cost management of enterprise subscriptions. Originally, the EA Portal was developed for most of the financial and billing aspects of business registration. Image Source: Microsoft Security Compass Workshop Enterprise admins and departmental admins use departments to organize and report on Azure services for enterprises by department and cost center. The enterprise administrator can: The Azure Governance Wheel defines fundamental elements that help organizations meet IT governance requirements while enabling leaders and developers to quickly achieve goals. The primary objective of this framework is to minimize risk by applying standardized governance principles to protect critical shared resources, while allowing professionals, developers, and operations/engineering teams to access autonomously. Registering the enterprise agreement is the extreme limitation of the model, typically as an organization framework agreement for Microsoft Azure cloud registration. All other governance elements, starting with the subscription as a base unit, use Azure resources for delivering and managing enterprise technology solutions. If your enterprise administrator can`t support you, create a support case for the Azure Enterprise portal. Give the following information: In recent years, many organizations have used the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) portal or APIs for the creation and initial creation of their subscriptions.

I`m happy to provide an overview of security considerations and preventing a (potential) escalation of rights to “support” subscriptions to enterprise or EA account administrators in your organization. In addition, you will find some marginal notes about changes and differences in the management of the new Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) record. Enterprise administrators have the most privileges for managing an Azure EA record. The original Azure EA administrator was created when the EA agreement was implemented. However, you can add or remove new administrators at any time. New administrators are only added by existing administrators. For more information about adding additional organization administrators, see Create another enterprise administrator. For more information about billing profiling roles and tasks, see Billing Profile Roles and Tasks.

API keys expire every six months. If something is wrong, an enterprise administrator should generate a new API key. Don`t forget to follow the steps in the frequently asked questions about the API report. The department administrator may indicate the expenditure quota, but only the enterprise administrator may update the quota amount. The company administrator and the department administrator will receive notifications as soon as the quota reaches 50%, 75%, 90% and 100%. As acceptance of public and hybrid cloud in enterprises increases, companies of all sizes are considering Microsoft Azure for their cloud-based workloads. Microsoft has outpaced its competition according to Gartner`s 2016 “Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaS” and “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application PaaS” and continues to evolve rapidly.

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